Text Analytics

Do you have a large volume of textual messages that you want to analyze and index? Is your SQL database full of survey verbatim, support forum messages, and user comments? Cuesense by Viroic can help you find structure in unstructured text, automatically extract names, locations, opinions and sentiments and save them in a familiar and easy-to-integrate form in your SQL database or as JSON.

Text Indexing for SQL databases

Use our .NET library inside an SSIS ETL package to extract entities and identify sentiments in your SQL database. Entities will be stored separately as linked records and each sentiment will have a separate table column with its own numeric score, easily queriable with SQL.

Large-Scale Text Pattern Recognition

Our Text Indexers are optimized for checking tens of thousands text and grammar patterns simultaneously for each word, sentence, and text block. The base pattern library can be easily extended and customized, and you can employ patterns based on parts of speech and word base forms checked against WordNet dictionaries.

Scalable and Real-Time

Cuesense needs only milliseconds to extract named entities and find and score sentiments. Review our demo area for examples of mass-scale processing.