Market Research

Cuesense makes it easy to mine a wide range of text sources and analyze the results of sentiment scoring in a familiar user interface like Excel. Develop a complete picture of your customers’ perceptions, conduct competitive research to understand what your competitors are doing, and track the success of your marketing campaigns.

OLAP Sentiment Cube

You customize your industry, keywords, and opinion sources and we will collect data and crunch numbers. We will publish your own custom OLAP cube to a SQL Server of your choice.

Familiar Excel Interface

Export a wealth of demographic and sentiment information into standard formats like Excel and pivot the data and build charts and graphs.

Wide Range of Data Feeds

Cuesense has connectors to Twitter, Facebook, RSS and Atom blogs, and we also have a fast Web Crawler that can process high-value textual content on any web site while filtering out comments and navigational text. Corporate databases, product forums, emails, and other data sources can be added easily.

Powerful Custom Searches

Build precise search queries for your custom cube using a powerful query language. Use multi-word key phrases, combine search rules with a #merge clause, filter by Twitter demographic fields, and include or exclude specific sentiments.