Lead Generation

With Cuesense by Viroic, you can find new customer opportunities in corporate databases and social media.

Cuesense sentiment analysis technology answers three questions: what a person enjoys doing, what she dislikes and is looking to replace, and, ultimately, what she is interested in purchasing. The first question helps find Customer Testimonials, the second – Competitive Switchers, and the last one – prospects with Purchase Intent.

Cuesense scans millions of textual messages using unique sentiment analysis technology looking for clues of surprise, interest, joy or disappointment.

Prospects With Purchase Intent

Prospects with Purchase Intent are prospective customers who are interested in trying or purchasing a product or service. Cuesense looks for expressions of interest or anticipation to capture Purchase Intent. Review the demo area to read more about how Cuesense creates customer leads. Promising customer leads can be automatically imported via connectors into CRM databases and initiate a sales funnel. Alternatively, Purchase Intent leads can enrich the customer’s profile and allow the creation of targeted offers based on a person’s interests.

Competitive Switchers

Competitive Switchers are dissatisfied with their current vendors or service providers and are looking to replace them with new ones. Cuesense looks for expressions of disappointment, anger and fear to capture Competitive Switchers.

Customer Testimonials

Customers with positive opinions about your products are waiting to become your advocates. Add free user testimonials to your web site and boost website conversion.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Companies with a wide range of products and customers often do not know exactly what products their customers are using. Differences in spelling of names and addresses often lead to misidentified customer records. Small departmental or individual purchases do not get assigned to the master organization records. We can help you clean up and consolidate subscription records and identify opportunities to increase the seat counts on existing subscriptions or sell new products to your existing customers.