Act on Purchase Intent

Corporate databases and social media are full of prospective customers communicating their interest in trying or purchasing a product or service.

Cuesense looks for expressions of interest or anticipation to capture Purchase Intent. A recent study showed that Cuesense by Viroic can supply hundreds of thousands Purchase Intent leads per day just for the Travel and Accomodations industry alone.

Show Purchase Intent Leads

  • Alright Vancouver peeps, do you know if hotels have special super last minute deals? I need a hotel for Wednesday night :)
  • i need a getaway . i wonder if i call would you still be there ?!
  • Mad @my_lavish_life mum he knows why.. SMH … S/N can’t wait to getaway this weekend
  • @RebelStylist24 thanks luv! Can’t wait to see you at the awards! We need to have a hotel party in LA!
  • Anyone have a suggestion in Oregon for a 2 night getaway idea? Coast, mts? wine country? Need ideas. Thx
  • @BR0WNSKiNH0Ni88 I am I just need a #getaway if not the beach ima just be ghost period..
  • A private beach resort is calling my name…..A girl can dream thats for sure.

Review the demo area to read more about how Cuesense creates customer leads.

Possible uses of customer leads include:

  • Automatically import leads via connectors into CRM databases and initiate a sales funnel
  • Build and enrich customer profiles and create targeted offers based on a person’s interests