Viroic provides custom lead generation, market research, and text analytics solutions for enterprises and technology fast adopters. Founded by the original developers of Cuesense, Viroic applies its expertise in Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and Text Analytics in packaged products and consulting engagements. Best results are achieved when integrating Viroic’s technology with corporate databases and systems such as CRM, Support Incident Management, and e-Commerce web sites.

Cuesense by Viroic finds new customer opportunities in corporate databases and social media. Our sentiment analysis technology answers three questions: what a person enjoys doing, what she dislikes and is looking to replace, and, ultimately, what she is interested in purchasing. The first question helps find Customer Testimonials, the second – Competitive Switchers, and the last one – prospects with Purchase Intent. Our customers are online merchants and marketers who are looking for new ways to understand and connect with customers and increase their sales pipeline.

Viroic also offers solutions for deep understanding of unstructured text such as survey verbatim, support forum messages, and user comments. Viroic can help you automatically extract names, locations, opinions and sentiments and save them in a familiar and easy-to-integrate form in your SQL database or as JSON.