Draw Crowds of New Customers

Cuesense finds new customer opportunities in corporate databases and social media.

Cuesense answers three questions: what a person enjoys doing, what she dislikes and is looking to replace, and, ultimately, what she is interested in purchasing.

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Draw Crowds of New Customers

Own Your Sentiment Analytics Cube

Simplify your market research, develop a complete picture of your customers’ perceptions, and conduct competitive research.

Cuesense makes it easy to mine a wide range of text sources and analyze the results of sentiment scoring in a familiar user interface like OLAP cubes and Excel.

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Own Your Custom Analytics Cube

Learn From Unstructured Text

Does your SQL database contain survey verbatim, support forum messages, and user comments?

Automatically extract names, locations, opinions and sentiments and save them in a familiar and easy-to-integrate form as JSON or in your SQL database.

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Learn From Unstructured Text