Photo query and new First View mode in Flash widgets

When you open the Flash widget editing screen today, you will notice some changes.

Photo Query

The Flash widget options are now the same as the ones available in the Javascript widget. You can now set the photo query independently of the quotes query, which should come handy as the query syntax for quote sources (Twitter, Blogs etc) differs quite a bit from the one used by Flickr for photo searches. For example, if you are building a widget for user reviews about the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco, you will want to search for both San Francisco and SF and exclude retweets from your quote query, e.g. ‘hotel agronaut ( “san francisco” OR SF ) -RT’ while your photo query will be without the RT exclusion and OR clauses (Flickr does not understand them) ‘hotel agronaut “san francisco”‘.

New First View mode

Next, we added a new way to start your widget. If you want sound to be available in your slideshow, but don’t want to play it when a visitor opens the web page, choose the ‘Play Slideshow without Sound’. This way the widget will start showing photos and quotes but the sound volume will be set to zero.

No iframe required

We are now embedding the Flash widget inside a regular div instead of a separate iframe. This should help some of you who prefer not to have any iframes on their web pages.


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