Vertical Belt widget combines testimonials and user-generated photos

A new Javascript widget has been added to currently available Flash-based Buzz and Slideshow testimonials widgets. We call it the Vertical Belt, since it rotates text and photo content vertically. The Vertical Belt widget is based on Javascript, integrates easily into any website and is just a few kilobytes large. Go to Account>Widgets and select “Add Jscript Widget” to generate the embed code for the widget.

Use the advanced opinion search parameters like “sentiment”, “valence”, and “from”/”to” when building your testimonials widget. You can try out your Quotes query on the Opinion River page before copying it into the Saved Search field. If you want to embed only those quotes that you approved, use the “Preselected” option and search for quotes on the “Edit Quotes” page (the Edit Quotes link will be enabled after you choose “Preselected”).

Tip: If you want Cuesense to pull content specifically for your search query from Twitter and other sources, add a Saved Search / Alert.

The same approach works for photos, although keep in mind that your photo query can be different from the Quotes query and will be run against the Flickr api. Test your results directly in Flickr before saving the Photo Query.

In the Content Rotation section choose how fast you want your content to rotate. Pick a sensible Polling Time (or just leave it at 60 seconds) – it takes time to index new content and rarely does new quality content become available more often than every 1-2 minutes.


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