Trends, Public Profile in Sprint 5 live!

We did quite a bit of work over the past several weeks and while the majority of features are yet to be released in following sprints here are the ones that are ready for your enjoyment.
Trends on the News page
Our main goal is reducing the noise in your newsfeed and “mining” it for interesting trends. The new News page includes trends lists and graphs for tags, subscriptions, and clicks.

Tag Trends

Tag Trends

Public profile page accessible at<nickname>
You can now enable a public profile page for your account. We will show your popular tags and visits to your cues. Privacy controls are available in Account>Privacy and Account>Page Settings.
Page Load times significantly improved
Performance tweaks resulted in a 3x reduction in page load time. Neat.
Select wide or slim pages
If you prefer a narrower page design, you can choose the “slim” template.

And, as always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report, write us at


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